Thank You Kaep!

Jajuan Burton

Colin Kaepernick and Nate Boyer

I can’t wait to watch NFL football now. To see all the Nike checks on the uniforms.

Knowing that a piece of that Nike check is represented by Colin Kaepernick. A man who sacrificed millions of dollars and his career, to shed light on issues that affect me as a black man living in America.

Nate Boyer, an US Army Special Forces soldier, aka a Green Beret, met with Kaep to ensure a way to respect my brothers and sister in arms. They decided kneeling, and not sitting would be best to honor the fallen troops, and troops who still serve.

A peaceful protest! Something that I actually fought in combat for, and his right to do as a true American.

Thank you Kaep for exercising your right as an American citizen and making my service to this country, just that much more, worthwhile.

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