Is Kanye Terrible at Communicating?

Jajuan Burton

Kanye West with MAGA hat  onI can see how Kanye would have issues with communicating unique/complexed thoughts..

Most of the time what happens when you’re explaining a concept that people haven’t heard of, you omit certain details, to shorten the talk time.

Why shorten it? Because y’all don’t listen(short attention span) lol or you’re so anxious to respond to a piece of what has been said and not listen to the whole thing. I’ve also seen people just cut you off mid thought.

I experience this often with FB statuses and I find myself using the comments to elaborate..

Ie: I think women should pay for their own food for the first 3 dates.

Lol before I can get out another word, I’m stoned to death.

No one is considering why I’m saying what I said.

Which I believe each party paying their own way gives both people security, and ensures no one is investing more than needed for a relationship that’s not 100%.

But if I only say that then people either don’t read the whole thing.

Now I haven’t watched the Kanye/Trump interview. However, I have observed this happen to Kanye in the past.

I also find it interesting people thinking he needs to respond to them the instant their question is finished.

Lol Kanye literally has said multiple times now that he needs time to think about his answer before responding.

Which I think is valid. This doesn’t mean he was stumped and didn’t have a response. He just needs a second to carefully articulate his answer. There’s nothing wrong with that.

I think people in general should adopt this method of actually thinking about what they’re about to say.

Now this is not an endorsement of Kanye, just an observation. Lol now let’s see if people even read this full thought.

Or will they see Kanye’s name, a little support of him and label me a bad word.. lol

All in all, people just need to actively listen to each other, so we don’t miss the true message or have to guess what someone means.

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